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The released prisoners clothing charity

OutFits works directly with prisons to help the transition of released prisoners back into the community by providing them with everyday clothing sourced from completed film and TV productions.
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About Us

The idea for OutFits was born from the knowledge that when prisoners are released they are often wearing standard “prison” garments, and carrying their possessions in a black plastic bag. This makes them an obvious and easy target for those wanting to sell them drugs, or recruit them back into criminal activity. The clothing acquired for the cast and supporting actors of every contemporary film or tv drama shoot is dispersed at the end of filming, and everyday items are generally donated to charity. There had to be a way to link this together.

After research and consultation with prison governors, who received the idea with enthusiasm, OutFits was created, a charity which will coordinate the distribution of clothing at the end of shoots to prisons across the UK.

I wholeheartedly support the aims and efforts of OutFits. This is a splendid and warm hearted idea, which will ease the transition of released prisoners into society.

Martin Shaw


This is a great help to society and environmentally.

Vicky McClure

I think that OutFits is a wonderful scheme and it is great to see the TV and Film industry offering very practical help to people in a vulnerable situation. I hope that this initiative is taken up by every TV production and I take my hat (and trousers, jacket and shirt) off to those brilliant people who dreamed up this idea. It deserves every success.

Jim Carter

I am so excited to hear about your charity OutFits. When people are arrested they have only the clothes they stand up in. If they live alone, or have no actual home, there is every chance that unless they have family nearby, by the time they are released from a sentence the majority of their possessions including any clothes they had will have been disposed of, so they have nothing good in which to face the world. The prison clothes they have will give them away easily so they start out vulnerable and also ashamed.
The chance OutFits gives them, to look clean, tidy and above all NORMAL will be a huge help when they start to rebuild their lives.


Probation Officer

It’ll be nice for prisoners that don’t have personal clothing to receive civilian clothing from the prison upon their release, as it would make them feel a part of society, avoid judgement, and the stigma attached to prison from the public. It would give them confidence to start afresh upon their release.


Reception Orderly Worker, Wormwood Scrubs

Providing men on release with decent clothing to walk through the gate will help give them the best start for the next chapter in their life.

Sarah Pennington

Prison Governor

This is a great help to society and environmentally.

Vicky McClure

OutFits – an organisation at the forefront of reusing, repurposing and recycling clothes to aid people in their future.


Costume Designer

I think this is a really good cause. Clothes from a TV production/film can be recycled and put to good use helping prisoners on their release. Often, with very limited clear up time on a production, clothes are not always even sent to a charity shop and sometimes sadly are just binned. So this is a very worthwhile project. Good luck.


A Costumier

OutFits is such a great idea. I shall spread the word.


Costume Designer

This is a great win/win to assist people in need.


Police Sergeant

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